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Resource Materials | 02 Jun 2020

ITF Warlike and high risk areas 2019

Resource Materials | 02 Jun 2020

IBF list of designated risk areas 2019

Resource Materials | 28 May 2020

Seafarers' Bulletin 2020

The magazine to help the community of seafarers, fishers and dockers be more aware of your labour rights and where to turn for help when you’re in trouble.

Resource Materials | 31 Mar 2020

BMP West Africa

The first edition of Best Management Practices to deter piracy and enhance maritime security off the coast of West Africa including the Gulf of Guinea (BMP WA),...

Resource Materials | 25 Oct 2019

Criminalisation toolkit

Criminalisation is one of the most serious problems facing seafarers today. When there has been a maritime accident, or a pollution infringement, seafarers have...

Resource Materials | 03 Oct 2019

Offshore STD Special Agreement template