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ITF Warlike and high risk areas

Warlike and High-Risk areas are parts of the world where it is considered that there is a high level of exposure to safety and life risks due to a war, military tension, hostilities, pirate activity and other circumstances causing immediate danger to visiting vessels and their crews.  

For all vessels covered by IBF and TCC agreements, you are entitled to be informed at the time of assignment if the vessel is bound for or may enter any Warlike Operations or High-Risk area; or if the information becomes known at sea – immediately.

Entitlements will vary depending on the area. If, for example a vessel enters a Warlike Operations Area you:

  • Have the right not to proceed to such area and are entitled to repatriation at the Company’s cost.
  • Are entitled to double compensation for disability and death.
  • Are entitled to be paid a bonus equal to 100% of the daily basic wage for the duration of the ship’s stay – subject to a minimum of 5 days’ pay.
  • Have the right to accept or decline an assignment in a Warlike Operations area without risking losing his/her employment or suffering any other detrimental effects.

There is also employment protection if you become captive as a result of piracy/hijacking inside or outside the IBF/ITF designated areas.

For vessels covered by an IBF agreement, the areas are designated by the IBF. See the related documents on the right-hand side of this page to view the latest information on IBF designated areas

For vessels covered by non-IBF (TCC) agreements, the areas are designated by the ITF. See the related documents on the right hand side of this page to view the latest information on non IBF designated areas.

Any such designations by the ITF and IBF, are required to be annexed to the CBA and made available on board each vessel in order to be accessible to the crew.

Any changes/additions to the present areas, that the IBF may agree, or the ITF may adopt from time to time, will be updated on this page.